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Simple Updates to Make Now

We've all been spending much more time at home, and our houses are no longer simply a place to lay our heads at the end of the day. They have become school, office, vacation destination, and much, much more. So if you are feeling discontent in your space of late, you are not alone! Here are a few projects (large and small) for refreshing your space.

kitchen cabinet hardware

Photo courtesy of Rejuvenation

1. Swap out your cabinet hardware.

This project is a no-brainer for even the most inexperienced DIY-er, and it can have quite the impact in bringing your own style to your space. Try a new finish or go in a more modern (or traditional!) direction if you are really craving a change. While not complicated, it can be a tedious task, so turn up your favourite audio book and pull over a stool and set to work. PS -- it will go much more quickly with an electric screwdriver.

2. Buy a large piece of carpet instead of a rug. Rugs are a beautiful part of your space, but they can be expensive. Instead, freshen up your room and add cosiness by choosing a large piece of carpet and having the edges bound. You may even get lucky and find a deeply discounted remnant!

spa bathroom by Aspen & Ivy

Our Friday Harbour project

3. Invest in the largest shower possible. We think it's a myth that a home won't sell because it doesn't have tub, so if you aren't using yours, don't be afraid to say goodbye! Life is simply too short for tiny shower stalls or constantly climbing over the edge of an un-used tub. There are infinite options for creating that luxury-hotel-bath experience at home, and all are guaranteed to be appreciated by potential buyers down the road.

4. Add more storage in the bathroom. If things are getting a tad unruly in your cabinets, spending a few moments to toss any unused or expired products or tools can give you a surprising amount of margin. But if you still need more storage, there are several options. Rolling trolleys are great, but if you don’t have the floor space, decorative shelves or small cabinets can work well. Large baskets can hold bigger items like spare towels or toilet tissue, while small containers like vases or glassware can corral the smaller pieces.

serene bedroom by Aspen & Ivy

Our Rosedale Revival project

5. Recover a tired bed.

We often source upholstered beds and headboards because they help make a bedroom feel cosy and inviting. And, if you are ready for a refresh, they are easily recovered for an entirely different look. If that feels like more of a project than you are ready for, try a new set of bedsheets, a pretty throw for the end of the bed, or swap your decorative pillows to add a new color.

6. Install dimmer switches. Nothing sets the mood quite like good lighting, which is why we love to use dimmer switches. They can really work anywhere but dining rooms, bedrooms, and living spaces especially benefit when you can turn down the intensity of the lighting. Adding one is a simple fix with a few supplies from the hardware store, just be sure to turn off your electricity first!

living room with leather chairs

Design by Studio McGee

7. Update the accessories. It's amazing what a few simple changes can do in a space. Floor and table lamps, toss pillows, artwork, and styling accessories offer so much personality, and if you home is feeling stale, maybe a few new items or a rearranging session is in order. This time of year, adding a few new houseplants or a well-placed bouquet of fresh-cut flowers can really liven things up.

Shop our favourite finds online or call 705-721-8585 make an appointment to shop in-person. If you're interested in working together on your design updates, please fill out an inquiry form.


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