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How we're working together, apart.

Working from home is certainly an adjustment. It’s no surprise that we are all ready to head back to the office and to our normal routines. Now that we have spent over a month working remotely, we have had time to navigate through the daily struggles that come with balancing family life and have settled into our new home offices.

Keeping us motivated and focused with her positive energy, Catherine has been residing at home with her husband, three adult children and their dogs.

Identifying work time and home time is crucial to our health and well-being and requires discipline in both directions. Working hard and efficiently, just like at the office, but also knowing when to walk away.

"We need to remember to log off from our computers and notifications. The 'end of the day' can be harder to mark when you’re home with your laptop. It's so important during this time that everyone gets rest and recharges in order to stay healthy and focused."


Candice at home with her two girls and dog, George.

Trying to be productive while entertaining young kids at home can be a huge challenge! Candice, along with many other parents have the task of juggling homework while working remotely.

"Establishing a realistic routine is key. I start my mornings earlier than I normally would, this allows me to block out some time in the afternoon to spend with my kids and help them tackle any school work they might need help with."

- Candice

Kitchen table turned home office for Janet and her dog, Maggie.

Mama to be, Janet, has taken over a cozy corner in her kitchen, while her husband works from another room in their home. Having separate workspaces creates a more productive environment with fewer distractions.

"It was important for me to have a designated work space where I would be comfortable. Taking breaks, like going for walks and scheduling a lunch is a must, especially being nine months pregnant!"


Stephanie, working remotely from her dining room.

Although we are working from home, we are staying connected. Communicating as a team and with clients over video chat to review projects and 'in home' consultations is now the new normal.

"We've been using communication apps to stay in touch throughout the day and video conferencing to check in each morning, both with our team and clients. Talking face to face really helps when we're brainstorming and collaborating on projects together."


Here are a few tips to set yourself up for success while working remotely:

  • Develop a regular and realistic routine

  • Make sure you have a regularly scheduled lunch break and take it.

  • Set and consistently assess your goals. Self-management is essential.

  • Track your accomplishments. Even the small wins!

  • Make yourself comfortable – create a dedicated workspace that promotes productivity.

Share your at-home workspaces with us and tag @aspenandivyinteriors for a repost on our social channels! There’s no place like home!


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