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Getting Organized

We all have them; the entryway console, dining table, kitchen counter...those flat empty surfaces that become dumping zones for all sorts of junk!

Here are some ideas and storage solutions to help eliminate the clutter and piles that so easily accumulate around the house.


Trays and storage bowls are great for smaller items like keys, spare change and mail.

Use a pair of large baskets under a console table to place slippers, kids hats & mitts and other soft goods.

A dresser in your entryway is another great option that provides plenty of hidden storage, be sure to use drawer inserts for extra organization!


A cutting board or tray beside the stove can help to organize the essentials; salt & pepper, oils and other spices you use on a daily basis.

Store small appliances that don't get used often away and only leave out what you truly use regularly.

Keep fruits and vegetables contained in a basket or get them off the counter all together with a tiered hanging solution.

Dining Table:

Try blocking surfaces that you don't want becoming cluttered. Placing a beautiful flower arrangement or centrepiece on the dining table will hopefully discourage you from leaving papers and other unsightly items lying around.

Keep napkins and placemats neatly stored in a kitchen drawer or sideboard and make setting the table the first step in your meal prep, so children (and adults) won't come home and use it as a drop zone for bags and homework.

Coffee Table:

Remove any unnecessary items from this area. If your table doesn't have storage, use a low profile box to house remotes. Neatly stacked books and greenery to add some height. Baskets are great for extra blankets and magazine storage underneath.

Bedside Tables:

Make the top drawer a storage place for all of the items you need each night. This gets them tucked away, but still easily accessible.

Use a small tray for jewellery storage.

Buy a charging station. Make a designated spot in your home for charging phones and tablets. This will eliminate the amount of cords, and hopefully help you have a better night’s rest.


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