Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

As the weather is warming up, we are all looking for ways to maximize the use and enjoyment of our outdoor spaces. One of the ways to increase your time spent outdoors is to install an outdoor kitchen, and have everything you need at arm's length. No more back-and-forths to your indoor kitchen! One company that has caught our eye is Station Grill, which is equipped to help you create the outdoor entertaining space of your dreams.

outdoor kitchen by Studio Grill

La Festive kitchen from the Lux Collection

Station Grill was developed to marry design and functionality by using four materials that can handle wide swings in temperature and harsh precipitation -- perfect for our unpredictable seasons! Choose from marine-grade high-density polyethylene, aluminum, or water-repellent wood fibre compound with a polymer finish to get the look that is just right for you home. We love this line because of the wide range of styles they offer. Whether you want sleek and minimal or traditional or modern organic, there is surely a cabinet profile that will fit. The configurations are also highly flexible, whether you want a full-sized kitchen space or just some storage and work space around your grill.

outdoor kitchen

Design by Lot 1 Design | Photo by Katherine Lu

Designing an outdoor kitchen is slightly more complicated than an indoor one, so here are our tips for getting starting.

Decide How to Use the Space

The first step in any design project is to narrow down how the space will be used. Will you be preparing meals for your household or for frequent large gatherings? Knowing how you will use the outdoor kitchen will help you adequately space plan and choose appliances and storage options that are an appropriate size.

Consider the Rest of your Home

Design with your home's existing materials (both indoor and outdoor) in mind so that your new structure will fit in seamlessly. By repeating materials that already exist such as brick, stucco, stone or siding, you can help the new relate to its surroundings. Of course, you may need to include new materials, particularly for the floor and roofing structure.

outdoor kitchen

Design by Heather Hilliard | Photo by David Duncan Livingston

Don't Overlook Storage Needs

Especially in a harsh climate, not even the most durable outdoor furnishings can handle constant exposure and will last longer if stored properly. While construction is already underway, consider adding storage options for any furnishings or decor that will need to be put away when not in use.

Ponder the Details

Decorative details like color, lighting, and furnishings will make your outdoor kitchen come to life. Small considerations like side tables, potted plants, and shatter-proof dish ware will take your space from a backyard kitchen to an at-home vacation destination!

If you would like our help designing the outdoor kitchen (or any other space, for that matter!) of your dreams, please get in touch by filling out an inquiry form.