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Outdoor Lighting Essentials

With more of us spending time outdoors these days, our backyards are now extensions of our homes with cooking equipment, dining areas, and relaxing lounge spaces, so make sure you don’t leave your guests or family in the dark when you’re entertaining outdoors. Here are some of our favourite lighting tips to ensure you can enjoy these spaces day or night.

Light Up Your Landscape

Landscape lighting is an excellent option if you want to bring attention to your lawn and surrounding areas. Consider the parts of your yard that you want to showcase or those that are usually dark and out of reach of the lights on or around your house. This will assist you in creating a landscape lighting plan.

Consider adding lights that shine on sidewalks, pathways, decks, and steps, enhancing safety and security.

Illuminate with accent lighting. With uplight, downlight, flood, in-ground, water, deck, and patio lights, you can create a beautiful and unique atmosphere highlighting specific elements of your yard, such as trees, architectural details, and water features.

An Elevated Aesthetic

Using pendants and ceiling fixtures outdoors can add both functionality and style to your outdoor living spaces. One of the best places to start is with your entryway. A large pendant light on your front porch or doorway area can help guests feel welcomed and at home. It can also provide much-needed light to help you find your keys and unlock your door at night.

If you have a covered patio or other outdoor space that features a ceiling, such as a pergola or a gazebo, outdoor pendants, and chandeliers are an excellent way to enhance their appearance. These fixtures can provide both ambient and task lighting, making your outdoor living area more functional and enjoyable.

Outdoor ceiling fans are another great addition to any outdoor space with a ceiling. They can help keep you and your guests cool on hot summer days and provide a gentle breeze to keep bugs at bay.

Improve Home Safety

One of the best and safest ways to arrive home at night is with the right garage light. Providing ample illumination for your driveway and surrounding areas, garage lighting deters intruders and keeps your property safe at night. Additionally, they can make it easier to navigate your driveway and parking area, ensuring that you and your guests can always find your way in the dark. For a double garage or multiple garages, place outdoor sconces on the outside pillars of the garage to cover the whole area.

Guide the Way

Post lights cast light in every direction, making them perfect for illuminating large areas like the end of a short driveway or spaced evenly along a longer one. These versatile fixtures are also great options for gates, fences, and decks, or use them to top off a stone or brick column. Typically used in open-air settings, these lights are usually "wet-rated," which means they can withstand exposure to rain and moisture.

Set the Mood

One of the quickest and easiest ways to bring a little ambiance to your outdoor space for nighttime dining and entertainment is with string lights. The beauty of outdoor string lights is that they can be hung from almost anywhere; pergolas and trees, nestled in foliage, and draped from the house or a building in the backyard.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

In addition to warmth, the glow of the flames from a fire pit creates a beautiful and natural lighting source for your outdoor space. The flickering flames cast a warm and inviting light, illuminating the surrounding area and creating a cozy ambiance. This makes it easier to navigate your outdoor space and adds a magical touch to your evening gatherings.

Whether you're enjoying a meal under the stars, gathering around a bonfire with friends, or simply returning home, good lighting sets the tone for extraordinary experiences.

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